Motorhome Park

The Park is a Parking and Resting Place where Camping-like behaviour is prohibited.


Dust Bin


Tap Water

Must Know about Copenhagen Motorhome Park


Entry and Exit

In order for you to be able to drive freely in and out of the Park, payment must be made in the “booking” system for the parking period. Then a code is received on an E-mail which must be used for entry and exit.



74 large parking / rest areas close to Copenhagen City, with view to the Sea and the Harbour.


Season 2021

We open for booking on February 01, 2021. The Park open March 31. 2021. We look forward to welcome you.

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Our Products

150 Kr.

Price Per Day Parking 150 Dkk
At 09 – 18

255 Kr.

Price Motorhome Per Night 255 Dkk
Arrival time between 12 – 23, Departure on the day must be made before 12

100 Kr.

Price Per Service 100 Dkk
At 09 – 23, Applies only to non-parked motorhomes.


Dust Bin


Tap Water

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